Movie review: ‘Final Destination 5’

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“Final Destination 5,” written by Eric Heisserer, directed by Steven Quale, 92 minutes, rated R.

By Anthony Crabtree, Guest Blogger

In the past few months 3-D has slowly become less and less popular among moviegoers who view it as a gimmick and just another way of raising ticket prices. Yet, there are still films out there that need to be seen in 3D in order to be fully enjoyed. “Final Destination 5” is one of those films and right out of the starting gate the opening credits make this known as all sorts of deadly objects from previous films come flying at you. It is one of the better displays of 3-D that I have seen this year.

Beyond the opening credits, “Final Destination 5” begins with a paper sales company going on a team-building retreat. While on a suspended bridge, Sam (Nicholas D’Agosto) has a vision that the bridge collapses and everyone from the company dies.

Based on this vision, he gets a small group of people to get off the bus, and then the bridge actually does collapse. Despite the fact that they survived this tragedy, death continues to pursue them in Rube Goldberg-esque ways.

As impressive as the opening credits are, the scene where the bridge collapses is the most impressive use of 3-D I have seen in a long time. With Quale at the helm, it is no wonder that the 3-D effects work so well. Having previously directed “Aliens of the Deep” and worked as second unit director on James Cameron’s “Avatar,” Quale has had experience working with the technology and it shows.

Each character dies in a horrible, gruesome way and with every death a different danger is thrown at the audience (literally) in an unexpected way. It creates a tense scene where you know people are going to die, but you really have no idea how it will happen.

The acting and dialogue clearly take a backseat to the death scenes and the 3D technology. None of the cast really stands out or does a superb job, except for Miles Fisher, who plays Pete. “Why does Miles Fisher stand out?” you might ask. The answer to that is he looks and acts just like a young Tom Cruise. It is to the point where he actually becomes distracting, but in a comical way. There is a scene in the film where he is in the company office after the accident, and he is drinking and going a little crazy. Watching this scene it immediately came to mind that Miles Fisher was parodying “Jerry Maguire” by the way he was almost ready to just…flip out.

Yet, the film does not take itself seriously enough for Fisher to become a problem. In fact, the film has such a light and comical tone about it that Little Tom Cruise fits in perfectly. Despite being the fifth film in the franchise, “Final Destination 5” still manages to be clever in creating suspense with how each individual character will die and making the serious topic of death fun for viewers. Plus, the 3D effects in this film are expertly done. “Final Destination 5” is made with fans of the franchise in mind, but having not seen the third or fourth films I found the film to be immensely enjoyable. It is a gruesome, over the top film and an experience that has to be seen in 3D to be fully enjoyed.

Grade: B+

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