News update: June 6, 2011

Sony is moving forward with a sequel to the Angelina Jolie film “Salt,” according to Deadline.

Writer Kurt Wimmer has begun work on the screenplay with expectations that Jolie would reprise her role. Expect more updates on this as it develops.

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The not-so-big news of the day, but exciting all the same, is that Columbia Pictures is looking at an American remake of “Big Man Japan,” as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

The original film, written, directed and starring Hitoshi Matsumoto, is about a middle-aged man who can turn into a giant to defend Japan from other like-sized creatures.

Not sure what Columbia’s thinking with this one. Some movies don’t really translate well for American audiences. This might be one of them. Stay posted for more updates on the “Big Man Japan” remake.

• • •

It appears that director Doug Liman’s (“Fair Game,” “The Bourne Identity”) next project will be the space-heist film “Luna” at Paramount, according to Variety. The project has been hanging around for a while, but with today’s news, it looks like Liman’s “Luna” might have lift-off.

Trailer of the day:

Touchstone recently released a second trailer for “Fright Night,” out Aug. 19. I’m still really excited for this one. Anybody else?

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