News update: June 4, 2011

Box-office numbers are in, and “X-Men: First Class” took the No. 1 spot with $21 million, putting it on track to make about $55 million or less for the weekend. Is that considered a success? No.

It’s opening, as many have pointed out, is more in line with what the original “X-Men” opened with in 2000, and about $10 million short of “Thor’s” opening just a month ago. Yes, 20th Century Fox would have liked something more in that $65 million to $70 million range, but there is hope that good word of mouth gives it some longevity.

It’s a long-shot, though.

This also means that our faithful reader and commenter, Amlzbth, is going to beat my box-office prediction for “First Class.” Damn. We’ll see how things go next week.

Trailer(s) of the day:

Because it’s such a slow day for news, I figured I’d throw up two trailers.

I watched the original version of “The Wave” several years back in high school. Dennis Gansel’s take on it looks quite a bit better. It’s been out for quite a while ago in most countries, but it just hit theaters in the United States late last month. Take a look. The second trailer is for “Iron Clad,” starring Paul Giamatti, a favorite of mine. It’s set for a July 26 release.

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