News update: June 2, 2011

In casting news, Variety reports that Brandon Routh (“Superman Returns,” “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night”) has signed on to star in “Crooked Arrows,” an underdog sports movie.

Todd Baird wrote the script and Steve Rash will direct the film about a ragtag Native American high school lacrosse team that is forced to join the local prep school league. Yup … sounds like an underdog sports movie to me.

A thought on Routh: I’m not sure there is a more talented actor in Hollywood who just cannot buy a break. At the very least, I hope this movie makes some money and puts Routh back on the map after the dismal performance of “Dylan Dog.”

Another thought on Routh: Bring him back as Superman.

• • •

Some more news about actors I’m particularly fond of: “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” alumni Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg have signed on to star opposite Katee Sackhoff in Sobini Films’ “Sexy Evil Genius.”

The dark comedy, Sean Piller’s directorial debut, will feature Sackhoff as an unpredictable ex-con who invites an eclectic group of her former lovers out to a bar where she proceeds to play potentially deadly mind-games with them.

The movie will also star Billy Baldwin and Harold Perrineau Jr.

• • •

Deadline broke news today that Warner Bros. has signed Craig Brewer, the director of “Hustle & Flow” and “Black Snake Moan,” to write and direct a Tarzan movie, intended to be the first in a trilogy.

Warner Bros. has unsuccessfully attempted to revive the character, made popular by Johnn Weismuller in the’30s and ’40s, on several occasions.

Deadline says that Tarzan is a “passion project” for Brewer, who is coming hot off Paramount’s “Footloose” remake. If that’s the case, this incarnation could be a success. There’s money to be made in the Tarzan franchise. Just don’t cast Casper Van Dien in the title role.

Box office predictions:

1. “X-Men: First Class” — $61M
2. “The Hangover Part II” — $36M
3. “Kung Fu Panda 2” — 29.5M
4. “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” — 21M
5. “Bridesmaids” — $12.5M

Those are my predictions, I welcome yours.

Trailer of the day:

The second trailer for “Rise of the Apes” aka “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” (I refuse to accept the title change) is out and, well, it looks  more promising than the first. Check it out.

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  1. Amlzbth says:

    I’m going to say 58M for X-Men First Class. Can’t wait to see it!

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